Your vison + our expertise = An expression of your personality.

Portraits and Engagement Sessions

We shoot all types of photography from the traditional portrait to commercial. Our specialty is digitally hand painted portraits. Prints and paintings are printed at for us at a professional print lab to keep color and paper consistent to provide the best quality for our customers.

Paintings can be finished as photographs or canvas gallery wraps (pricing varies with size and type of paper/canvas requested).

Portrait and Engagement Sessions

First we meet to discuss your vision. You may have seen something that you like. You may have your own ideas. Meeting with you face to face gives me the chance to find out what that is. Then we schedule a time and place.

Proofs will be made available online in a private gallery around 2 weeks after photo session. You may even buy prints directly from the proofing website if you wish.

We reserve the right to be creative in the processing of all portrait images with your final vision as our goal.

We examine and retouch every single image. We fix blemishes, make sure the skin tones are right and maximize the potential of every single photo.

With a family, we will also take photos of each of the kids individually, and small groups – mom with the daughters, dad with the sons, etc.

Senior Portrait sessions

We believe that being a senior in high school is a major life event. It’s an ending, and it’s a beginning.

Senior photos should reflect the personality of the student. They should reflect things that are important to the student. If, for example, your senior yed an instrument in the band – then there should be a photo with that instrument. If football was a major part of their lives, then let’s represent that in their senior photos. We reserve the right to be creative in the processing and enhancement of the photographs to fully impact the viewer with emotion and personality of the senior.

Our senior sessions typically last 1-2 hours. We like to shoot on location locally – if the senior has a place that they like, we go there. If they don’t have anyplace specific, then we can make suggestions, and see what you and the student agree upon.

During this photo session, the students typically will change clothing a few times. I encourage casual wear (usually jeans or khakis) – but let’s mix up the tops, get some different colors, different looks. We are not shooting a traditional simple representative photo we are going for personality.

Sitting fee is $75.00 with $25.00 non-refundable deposit needed to secure your date and time.

We retouch every single final image, we may fix blemishes, make sure the skin tones are right, we will maximize the potential of every single photograph.

Along with proofs available within 14 days of the photo session the Senior is provided a Facebook/Myspace image file at no extra charge. This is available and emailed to you as soon as possible.

Preparing for Your Portrait Session

The first consideration is comfort – if you are not comfortable, it will show on your face.

We usually recommend people wear solid colors that complement their skin color. In general, most people should avoid all white or all black clothing, especially close to the face. These are fine if used as layers in an overall “look”. If you are getting your senior portrait done, then by all means bring your school sweatshirt or jersey – that’s an important part of your life that needs to be documented.

We highly recommend long pants – jeans or khaki’s for a portrait session or engagement shoot are perfect. Pants should touch the ankles, not be mid calf style.

Bring a variety of tops. The average portrait session lasts between 1 and 2 hours, so you’ll have time to change tops.

Many women wear a simple cami under their shirts, so they can quickly change tops without looking for a private dressing room each time.

If you are a woman, and you typically wear makeup, then wear makeup for your session. Think “simple, clean, and pretty” – and that will show best in most photos.

We recommend that you shower and wash your hair the same day as your portrait. While the camera does not capture smell, you’ll feel fresher, and your photos will look better. Men should shave the same day as their portrait (if they are clean-shaven). If “five o’clock shadow” is a concern, then consider shaving later in the day, or just before the appointment.

Unless we’ve set up the session in or around your house, or in a studio, we’ll be going somewhere for your portrait session. We are all about creativity and fun – if you’ve got a place you want to go, let’s talk about it. We know a bunch of interesting places within the area that serve as great backdrops, if you don’t have a place in mind.

The best time for a portrait or engagement session outside in the summer is later in the day. We prefer to shoot later in the afternoon. Have you ever noticed how the light gets golden late in the day towards sunset? Doesn’t that make people look warm, healthy, vibrant, and attractive? That’s how we want you to look. If we shoot at high noon, the sun casts harsh shadows down our faces, and the photos will not look as good. We’ll start shooting, and keep going as long as the light is good for the photos. Depending on the location, we might get a sunset style photo, and we might get a some dramatic night style scenery behind you for your photos.

We have and use portable lighting and backdrops depending on the type of session you require.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask.