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 Custom painted
Design below was for a restaraunt sign. 



     Here at Stockton Expressions our goal, our desire is to work with you to create a unique portrait that displays who you are.  Not just another snapshot photograph but an image the tells a story about you.  We would love to help you tell your thousand word story in a visual image that let’s people see your personality in a print.  We like to see the smile that comes from you seeing yourself represented in a way that makes others go, “Wow” when they see it.  We make images that leave lasting impressions.  Give us a call to discuss what your ideas are, this is about you, not you fitting into our cookie cutter idea of a portrait session.  Together we can create something you will want to show off to the world.


     We do straight portrait photography as well as digital paintings by hand.  We can print your finished work on the material of your choice from various papers to museum canvas. 


Invest in something beautiful for your home.  From a classic family or individual portrait to a custom photograph or painting.


Each image is enhanced for its best presentation in your home or office.


Our specialty is your photograph turned into a carefully customized, digitally accented unique work of art.

If you are in the market for the highest quality, creative digital art around then you’ve found it.


We will set up a free consultation to discuss your personal vision of your end result, the concepts and layout. We will also determine the best location for your shoot.


Check out our photos in the before and after page on this website.  To see how a “normal” photograph or even your existing snapshot can turn into an entirely new artwork.


Be ready to dedicate up one hour of your time discussing what you want from your experience with Stockton Expressions.





Visit the pages listed to view pricing, packages, explanations and opportunities we have for custom artwork.


Please call, email or text us with any questions or just to discuss the almost limitless possibilities we have for you.


PH: 907-394-2997

TXT: 907-394-2997 



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